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650 Low Speed Diamond Wheel Saw

The Model 650 Low Speed Diamond Wheel Saw is a compact, multipurpose, precision saw designed to cut a wide variety of materials with minimal subsurface damage. Its low speed makes it possible to cut fragile materials that would otherwise fracture and soft materials that would load the diamond wheel on a higher speed saw. A variety of sample holders provides a means for mounting any shape sample while goniometer adaptability simplifies cutting oriented crystals.

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Model 650 Low Speed Diamond Wheel Saw
(includes everything necessary to operate )
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Model 650HC Low Speed Diamond Wheel Saw
(for use in hot cell)
The Model 650HC was modified by replacing the rubber drive belts with metal chain drives used with metal sprockets.  Dry bearings or bearing with special lubrication can be supplied.  The covers have been removed to provide better access to the inside of the saw.  
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Optional Accessories
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65001 Single Axis Goniometer Single-Axis Goniometer -The Model 65001 has a graduated scale with a 0.2° vernier and can be rotated 360°. This rotational capability makes it ideal for precisely slicing single crystals. The sample is mounted to a block using a low melting point wax and the block is subsequently clamped into the Model 65001. Wax mounting of the sample ensures that the cut piece will remain attached to the holder and will not be damaged by falling after being cut. Model
65003 Double Clamp Sample Holder Double Clamp Sample Holder - The Model 65003 is a clamp type holder designed to clamp both ends of a round or rectangular rod while cutting between the two clamped positions. The Model 65003 can also be used as a single clamp holder to hold encapsulated metallurgical samples up to 1.25" in diameter. Model
65004 Petrographic Sample Holder This Model 65004 Petrographic Sample Holder uses vacuum to hold 1 in. x 2 in. petrographic microscope slide with a petrographic sample cemented to it. The sample can be aligned with the diamond wheel on the Model 650 to cut a thin sample. Model
65005 2-axis Goniometer 2-Axis Goniometer - When the Model 65005 is used with the vernier on the Model 650, the combination is a 2-axis Goniometer. Model
65001 The Model 65011 track mount is for holding Model 65005 2-axis Goniometer for x-ray or optical orientation. Model
65006 Vise Holder The Model 65006 Vise Holder is used for holding odd shaped samples that can be held with a vise. Model
65007 Right Angle Holder The Model 65007 Right Angle Holder for holding sample at right-angles to wheel, using the same mounting blocks that are used on Models 147, 150, and 155 lapping fixtures (or any mounting block that has an 8-32 thread).  Model
65008 Ball Joint Holder The Model 65008 Ball Joint Holder uses an adjustable ball with an 8-32 screw for holding standard SBT mounting blocks. Model
65012 Dressing Stick Holder The Model 65012 Dressing Stick Holder is used to rigidly hold dressing stick when moving it into the diamond wheel to expose fresh diamonds, instead of risking damage to the wheel when holding it by hand. Model
65014 Model 65014 Sample Rotation System Model
65016 Ball Joint Work Arm Model 65016 Ball Joint Work Arm Model
  Model 65017 Bone Chuck Holder (For holding irregular shaped parts) Model
65018 Model 65018 Right Angle Bone Chuck Holder (For holding irregular shaped parts) Model
  Model 65019 Adjustable Right Angle Bone Chuck Holder (For holding irregular shaped parts) Model
65040 Alignment Microscope The Model 65040 Sample Alignment Microscope is used to align where a cut is to be made using a monocular microscope with a 4 in. working distance and cross hairs. Model
  Support Table (table saw attachment) 01-02308-01 Qty.
MODEL 650, 660, 810 AND 850 SAW MOUNTING BLOCKS    
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Aluminum Blocks
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1" WIDE X 3" LONG X 0.25" THICK
01-01085-01 Qty.
1" WIDE X 1.5" LONG X 0.25" THICK
01-01086-01 Qty.
2" WIDE X 2" LONG X 0.25" THICK
01-01087-01 Qty.
1.5" WIDE X 2" LONG X 0.37" THICK
01-01088-01 Qty.
1.5" WIDE X 4" LONG X 0.37" THICK
01-01089-01 Qty.
1" WIDE X 4" LONG X 0.5" THICK
01-02519-01 Qty.
1" WIDE X 2" LONG X 0.5" THICK
01-02521-01 Qty.
Graphite Blocks
01-01237-01 Qty.
01-01238-01 Qty.
01-01239-01 Qty.
0.87" WIDE X 2.5" LONG X 0.12" THICK
01-01063-01 Qty.
0.87" WIDE X 0.87" LONG X 0.12" THICK
01-01064-01 Qty.
1.87" WIDE X 1.87" LONG X 0.12" THICK
01-01080-01 Qty.
1.37" WIDE X 2" LONG X 0.18" THICK
01-01084-01 Qty.
.25" WIDE X 2" LONG X 0.25" THICK
01-01096-01 Qty.
0.37" WIDE X 2" LONG X 0.37" THICK
01-01095-01 Qty.
0.5" WIDE X 0.75" LONG X 0.12" THICK
01-01090-01 Qty.
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