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October 6, 2017: South Bay Technology (“SBT”) announces that they have sold their product, manufacturing and associated assets to Ted Pella, Inc. (“TPI”). “Richard Henriks, the founder of SBT, was always grateful for being able to serve the needs of many thousands of customers over the more than five decades he ran the company,” said Ron Yuch, President of SBT. “Richard believed in the value of customer service and would be happy knowing that TPI shares those values and will honor that legacy. We’ve been a family owned company from the very beginning, and it feels good that we are selling our products to another family owned and operated company with deep, existing roots in the field we serve.” SBT will cease taking and filling orders and manufacturing as of October 6, 2017. “We’re honored that South Bay Technology would entrust their products and manufacturing to us,” said Tom Pella, President of Ted Pella, Inc. “We’ll spend time in the coming months working through the process of matching up common products, and what new products to bring on, and identifying products which need updating”. South Bay Technology, based in San Clemente, California, has served the needs of microscopy customers in the fields of Materials Science, Metallography and Semiconductors for 54 years. Ted Pella, Inc. has served the needs of both the Life Science and Materials Science microscopy community for almost 50 years. The following email address has been established as a general ongoing point of contact for inquiries to South Bay Technology: A general point of contact email for Ted Pella, Inc. is